Welcome to dataDyne

dataDyne is a tech company that specializes in inter-planetary import-export, research and commercial production for its contractors

Our Cardano (ADA) pool

dataDyne.earth Cardano stake pool is run and operated by crypto and technology experts active in crypto since 2011.

What we offer

Our pool offers the following benefits:


We all love cheap

Zero fees! We commit to keep the 0% margin fees until at least the end of 2022.



Increased pledge over time. We commit to pledge at least 100.000 ADA by the end of 2022.



Fully redudant EU based pool. Hardware located on premises in two separate locations.



Delegating to small pools promotes real decentralization to the network


dataDyne.earth infrastucture runs 100% on renewable energy produced and stored locally. Environment is one of dataDyne's top priorities.


We believe in the future of decentralized blockchain technology and provide services with our delegators and wider blockchain community in mind. dataDyne.earth is committed to dedicate all its benefits to ecological and humanitarian projects! By Participating in our small yet reliable Cardano's decentralisation pool, you will be receiving great rewards but will also participate in the building of a better world.

Cassandra de Vries